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USMC IIF (CIF) - Missing Gear

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Missing Gear Statement

Updated as of July 29, 2013



 As part of the DoD SSN reduction plan it is requested that you do not use your Social Security Number in its place you should use your DoD Identifier or DoD Benefits Number located on the back of your ID.




So you have something lost or damaged and you need it taken off your account! There is a NEW format for the paperwork. Please make sure you are not using the old paperwork any more. The IIF will not accept the old ones as of Sep 01, 2012

If you just want the document then get it here: Missing Damaged Gear Statement 

Also here is the uneditable sample: SAMPLE and the old one: old


Now on with the directions for those that need them.

Filling out your Missing or Damaged gear statement is rather easy. You will need to know what you are missing's name its NSN and individual price. Next you will need to know your Battalion or Group COs Name and Rank and your Supply Officers Name, Rank and Phone Number at a minimum to fill out the statement. There names, rank and phone numbers you may want as well will be your PLT Commanders, Company COs and anybody else's info who needs to sign your paperwork. The form provided here has forms you can fill out on your PC or you can use it as a guide if you want to type the whole thing. Any boxes in red should be filled out or have their the text deleted.  All the fields on the document are self explanatory but if you are having problems then go to your supply.


After it is signed there are two options the CO will initial, you pay or you don't pay. Remember they can not force you to pay but can take administrative action if they find you at fault.

If your not going to have to pay then make a copy of this get it certified as true and bring it to the IIF.


If you do have to pay then you will take this back to supply and get a NAVMC6 pay checkage form filled out. This is to have your pay docked for the missing items. Same thing when this is done make a copy of everything and have them certified true. Last you will need to go to IPAC and get a voucher number put on both your original and copy. Then take all this paperwork to the IIF.


I know every unit is a little different but this is the basic guide to get you through this process. If you have any additional information you would like to have added here send an email to the admin(at)


Again here is where you can download the new Missing Damaged Gear statement: DOWNLOAD


You may need to right click and Save link as or Save Target as to download the actual file.