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USMC IIF (CIF) - Things not to say

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Things not to say

What not to say when in the IIF (CIF)


Checking out: (gear return)

I already cleaned it. (they don't care if you already cleaned it. You must not be good at cleaning because it is still dirty)

It wont come out. (they do this for a living they have seen it all. they know if it will come out.)

I got it like that. (Who cares you are responsible for returning your gear clean and serviceable)

I already washed it 4 times. (they don't care if you washed it a 1000 times. If its dirty you need to clean it again)

Its a stain and or hazmat and will not come out. (not for you to decide. Many stains can be removed)

It {broke, tore, ripped, stained, and otherwise got destroyed} I shouldn't need to clean it. (its government property you are still responsible)

Im leaving tomorrow you have to take it as is. (Good for you. Either you wash and dry it then bring it back or take it with you.)




Stupid comments you should avoid:

Anything derogatory or said in anger. Getting pissed just makes things worse for yourself and others who come after you. Nobody wants to help someone who is rude. If you put any worker in customer service in a bad mood or even worse angry they will probably make things as hard as they can for you. If they do not care about their job they may even down right screw you over. Be careful! On the other hand if you do see a worker being rude oruncourteous for no apparent reason let the management know. If he does not help or he is the problem then ask for his boss.