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USMC IIF (CIF) - Checking OUT

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Checking OUT

Check out procedures.


Things you need:

Checkout Sheet



Clean gear Cleaning Guide Link

Hours of operation: 0700-1700 Mon-Fri



Checking out is a simple process that can go smooth if you use the correct procedures. First and foremost make sure you have your ID and checkout sheet. You will not be allowed to check out without these two very important items. Even if you already started your checkout or will not finish on this turn they must see both every time. In the past Marines have turned in their CIF issue early and their command finds out and asks the CIF why did you let him turn it in early? This is why the checkout sheet is required. The IIF views this as your commands authorization to turn your gear in.


Make sure your gear is clean. If your try and turn it in dirty you are just wasting your and the IIF workers time. It’s not hard to clean but depending on the dirt or stains can take some time. Soaking items in warm water with a mild soap or detergent will help, especially if you use your equipment regularly and have never washed it up until now. Ideally for regularly used items you should wash them once a month or even every other month. You don’t wear the same cloths for 3 years without washing them why would you not clean your CIF gear? Almost any stain can wash out, especially if it’s just dirt and sweat. Remember if you wash it once and it still looks dirt try again. Some stains will take multiple wash cycles to remove. Spot cleaning without rinsing is not cleaning. It’s just moving the dirt around. This method is not recommended.

Side note: Do not wash ballistic panels. Remove them from your vest before washing.


Make sure you have everything. You don’t have to bring everything and turn it in on the first try but you should inventory everything before you start the checkout process. This can speed up the administrative process to remove the items from your account. Also when turning items in make sure nothing is hidden inside other items. It is common for items to not be lost but hidden from view. It is not the IIF employees’ job to separate your gear and check it to make sure it is empty. They check for cleanliness and serviceability. Lastly it is rare but make sure they (IIF workers) do not lose an item or take it back and not remove it from your account. They are human and can make mistakes.  Check your receipt before you leave the building and point out any discrepancies you see immediately. The longer you wait the harder it is to prove. 


Extra tips:

Be friendly. It can go a long way.

If you are not happy with a rule or regulation for turning your gear in don’t get mad the IIF workers. They don’t write the rules they just enforce them. The Marine Corps makes the rules.

If you have a serious issue ask for the Manager or the Assistant Manager. If need be you can even ask for the Regional Manager. They will try and help you to the limit of what they are allowed.

Dont try to con or distort the truth. There is nothing you can say the IIF guys have not heard before.

For the few truly negative Marines out there, think before you speak. Putting your anger or frustration on display is not going to help you. I have talked with a few IIF workers and believe it or not many of them are former Marines and are very sympathetic to you. With that said they are not going to risk losing their job by breaking the rules to help you.