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USMC IIF (CIF) - Checking IN

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Marines USMC

Checking IN

Procedures for checking in.


 List of what you need:


Check In sheet


Check Out sheet from previous command (optional)

Check out receipts from previous IIF (optional)

Copy of any missing/damaged gear statements  you may have (optional)

Hours of operation: 0700-1700 Mon-Fri


Always have your orders and check in sheet with you when visiting the IIF for checking in or checking out.

It can be a good idea to bring your receipts and check out sheet from your previous duty station as well. Murphy's law is always in effect (is something can go wrong it probably will) and have anything you need to cover your bases. I have herd of marines having all kinds of problems checking in because they did not have some paperwork or something was not returned at their previous duty station. Also check that your paperwork is correct. That is all they have to go on and if something is wrong on it then that can mean the diffrence between getting checked in or not.

If there is a problem and you do not have documents they request then get them and return. Ask to make sure exactly what they need to see. They may very well tell you the first thing they notice you need and not inform you of other documents you need. Just ask is that all you need. Then double check and ask if they are sure.


If you still have items on your record from your previous duty station and they will not let you get your gear. Then you have two choices. Find that item and return it or fill out a missing gear statement. As far as i know that is the only way you will get the item taken off your account. The only other way to get your gear is to have a letter from your Bn CO or authorization from the MEF over the IIF. If the gear on your account is not your fault then you can say that on your missing gear statement. The USMC can not make you pay for lost or damaged gear (more on that later) and if you do pay for it the money does not go the the IIF. Do not feal they are just trying to get your money. They dont see a dime of what you pay.


Now if everything is ok and they start the check in process then as you go and get your gear look it over. Make sure it is all clean and serviceable before you take it off the shelf. DO NOT accept dirty or damaged gear. You will have to clean or pay for it when you check out. When they have you sign for the gear you accepted (and you must accept everything on the list) make sure it is all there before you sign. IF something is missisingand you sign you will have to pay for the lost item. After you sign and when you pack your gear look it over again and check it for dirt damage and make sure it is all there. After you leave the building you dont get a second chance. Make sure they sign your checkin sheet as well.


If everything goes according to plan you now have all of you gear. I do believe they issue your gas mask as well.


If you are bringing a large group of new joins to check into the IIF they may tell you that you have to make an appointment. This is not true its just a recommendation.


*Updates will be added and information becomes available