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Disclamer Notice

*Disclaimer Notice*

This site is available for reference and archival purposes. If you need to access records or are looking for information about the United States Marine Corps. Individual Issue Facility or Unit Issue Facility or any program under the Consolidated Storage Program please go to or talk with personnel at your local facility. Any additional questions or comments can be directed to Logistics Command at who manage and oversee the Consolidated Storage Program and its contracts.


This site is not endorsed or sponsored by the USMC the CIF or any other entity other then the sites author. All information and procedures outlined in this site are from the CIF website ( and/or through personal experience. The new official site to access your gear list from is ( CAC reader is required.


All information on this site is provided "As is" with no warranty/guarantee of any sort.


Failure to follow USMC or IIF (CIF) directions and procedures can result in you inability to receive or return your gear or possibly may make you responsible for paying for or replacing items lost or damaged. Actions taken by you are ultimately your own responsibility. 


For a Missing Gear Statement go here


If anybody has any information they would like to add to this site orquestions/comments

Please send an email to the admin (AT) 



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Accessing Your Personal Record

To View your personal account please follow these directions.


 Some information has changed. Page will be updated soon.


1. Make sure you are using a computer with a CAC reader and your card is inserted.

2. Open a web browser and go to

3. Enter your PIN and hit enter

4. Read the DoD Website warning agreement and accept it to proceed.

5. The main page will be displayed from here you can click the link for your personal record.

6. You will need to enter your Last name, First name and DoD ID (EDIPI) number.

            If your name is not spelled correctly in the IIF computer system than you may have problems accessing your account

            If this is the case you may need to contact or visit the IIF and make sure they fix the spelling.

7. You should now be presented with a list of items you have checked out. if you would like to print this list find the link in the bottom left that indicated to see the printable PDF version. This will be a complete list of everything you have issued with quantity and prices.